Enough about me



I help companies tell their story… here’s mine

I’m a Prince fan from way back, growing up in Minneapolis and getting to experience him in concert. I might have been an extra in Purple Rain, but I couldn’t sneak out of high school that day. Since then, no regrets. I have sneaked out, shown up, and followed my dreams, all the way to a career in marketing in Colorado.

I studied English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I travelled, fell in love with a life of adventure, and became a waitress in the sky. Prince once missed hitting me with an electric cart in the MSP airport. I lived in Hawaii and Chicago, flew around the world, settled in Minneapolis, got married across the pond, and got my work and tech groove on as a tech writer and marketing manager.

I moved to California and led marketing and PR teams for tech and digital mapping companies. I created experiences for retail buyers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and launched new products globally. I moved back to Minnesota and became marketing director and then VP of a Google partner SaaS company. We won awards locally and as the Google Enterprise Global Cloud Partner of the Year.

Planning my move back to Silicon Valley, I became a project management consultant, and managed enterprise-wide projects at Wells Fargo during a time of crisis, change, and growth. I moved back to California for 2 years and rediscovered my work passion as a marketing and PR consultant.

Today I live in Denver, Colorado, where I’m learning about life in the mountains and high desert, about the tech and business marketing local scenes, and as always about my clients and myself.

I get excited when people connect, with each other, with the things I write, with the products I love, and with the teams I lead. I love music, helping animals and people, and I adore my husband (dashing dude in the photo) and our family, many of whom also now live in CO.

I’d appreciate a chance to connect with you, too. Reach out on LinkedIn or shoot me an email.