Launch-Turn-by-turn Tele Atlas

Situation - As the marketing manager for Tele Atlas North America, I helped to launch a new turn-by-turn capable map database for enabling a range of navigation and telematics applications, location-based services , and intelligent transportation systems.

Action - I and a small leadership team created a marketing strategy and plan to support the overall product go-to-market strategy. I worked with the head of marketing to research and position the product and create messaging for current customers, prospects, and media. I developed a calendar that showed key deliverables and dates, and drafted the language used for web, collateral, and sales tools. I directed the graphic design, website, and public relations internal teams and vendors on the strategy, and gained commitment on timing for the launch.

Result - The positioning of the product as the "first turn-by-turn database for North America" resonated with clients, prospects, and the media. We quickly gained attention from customers, many of whom immediately initiated a purchase of the new data. We also earned significant media coverage and increased web traffic leading to prospective new sales engagements.